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in the breeding season. Despite my visit probably not being at the best time of year for variety of species, the main autumn migration having finished and the winter visitors not having arrived, there were Little and Great White Egrets present, plenty of Lapwings, Cormorants and a few Teal. And of course the hunters are still using lead-shot cartridges, banned elsewhere in most of Europe for use in wetland areas where the risk of pollution is highest. In summary, 206,000 Cranes were seen crossing France in the autumn of 2008, a higher figure than for the previous autumn. In both cases the common factor seemed to be the lack of suitable prey, with the mice and voles which form their main food source being in short supply. That 'something' has now been revealed to be the fact that Britain's first breeding attempt by a pair of Great White Egrets was taking place. These newsletters can be downloaded from the site /milan-royal. But the national council for the protection of nature, having heard representations from all sides of the argument, voted by ten votes and one abstention against any change in the law. This was one of the spots from which the storks started their recolonisation of France in the early days of their return to the west coast wetlands. Historically, their numbers slowly increased up to 2004, and then stayed at much the same level until 2009, but since then numbers have started creeping upwards again. Réserves de chasse The other main publication of the LPO is of course Ornithos (again iso-britannia paras dating site see here for details on how to subscribe and the current issue (17-5) is a special one dedicated to a series of papers concerning ducks. Incidentally, with this 100th issue, the magazine celebrates 25 years of publication, and continues to be an impressive flagship for the work of the LPO (see here for details on how to subscribe).

By 2015 the population had been reduced to 130 pairs, almost all in the Loire-Atlantique département, also breeding at the Lac de Grand-Lieu as well as in the Guérande salt pans area. In addition, the group is pressing local authorities and landowners for the maintenance and restoration of the habitats needed by Hoopoes, both for feeding and breeding, particularly in the traditional orchards of this region of France. The insecticides carbofuran and aldicarb were the most commonly found pesticides from this analysis, despite there having been complete ban on their use in Europe since 2008.

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An invasion of Red Kites? Ortolan migration As has appeared here and here before, each autumn the LPO (and other conservation organisations such as cabs) have gone to the Landes area of south-west France to draw attention to the illegal trapping of small birds still prevalent there, particularly of Ortolans. During this period the immatures will range widely across south-east France and into central Spain. But maybe they have rather more than votes to provide one can but wonder. The number of Night Heron pairs nesting in the Camargue fell from 749 in 2010 to 326 in 2012, and similarly Squacco Heron numbers fell from 805 pairs to 204 in the same period. Exotica It may be good news for those whose European lists are flagging, but it is disturbing to note that yet another bird has been added to the official French list, in Category C, the section reserved for naturalised species. At Cap Gris Nez, opposite Dungeness, no Red Kites were recorded at all, although the odd Marsh Harrier and Hobby were seen. By 2013, they had become established in the Ardennes area near the Belgian border, with others in the Seine and Aube valleys, and the one pair near the Lac du Der, as shown in the map below.

valat dating site

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